Graduation #1

First, the state of mantle health here at home (hee, hee, Travelin' Nan).

Next, my son with a friend he's known since they were little guys. (Sniff.)
Speakers at their ceremony included one of our state senators, Vicki Walker (far right). She helped save Homesource. She's cool!

Last, my two favorites (young people and photos).


jodi said…
awwww, *sniffle* that's so nice. Congratulations to your son. I hope he has a long, happy life ahead of him.
Deanna said…
Deanna- I know you are just so proud! What great kids you have.
Mike S said…
Congratulations to another success story!!
Cherie said…
Congrats! Another milestone crossed. Whew. He (and YOU) made it.

Onward and upward, hey.

Happy Summer!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Such happy moments.
travelin' nan said…
I can summize that the state of your mantle health is the product of the love and caring you've given to a fantastic young man.
Could you ask him about the "Sun Dance" for me?
Deanna said…
Thank you, each one, for sharing in the joy. I spent a night in various stages of agony due to food poisoning (salmonella-tomatoes, possibly), so couldn't get back here sooner. Otherwise, it's been a good week.