Near death 'n toasty

This past week I must've looked like death on toast. Results of food poisoning are not pretty. But it started out so well...

Tim and I went along on our son's senior trip to ride the Portland Spirit's gourmet cruise. The food was wonderful, and as far as I know it didn't cause my troubles.

Later that afternoon we hiked around gorgeous waterfalls.

Not until the middle of that night did I toss my proverbial cookies. My under-appreciated digestive system shut down, and so did I for a couple of days thereafter. (No photos, sorry.)

Friday I attended a final homeschool picnic at Shotgun Creek Park and got toasted. A beautiful day, lush scenery, vibrant kids, and friendly parents whisked around me, and I sat. Too tired to tote camera or go splash in the trickling stream, but enjoying the moments and memories. Of course I will compose some sort of summing-up post regarding my years as a mom teaching her children at home. After I'm fully recovered.