earthiness in view

Out watering plants for James (who is away) this morning, I paused under the clothesline and caught site of this:

Life on a mullein stalk. Who knew? So much going on, between little beetles and busy bees.

I'm not posting much lately, for various reasons. First, my grandson is in town for the summer (his mom and dad came along, too, and so my daughter is not blogging much, either).

This past weekend, Edmund and I hung out by the cat door:

Amazing the spaces I start remembering to clean when this guy comes over.

Another reason for my absence here is we've had relative happenings: a cousin visiting, a family gathering, preparations going on for more visitors, and then my parents have both been sick. I now know well the route between most of my parents' doctors' offices and the pharmacy and Winco.

One gift that comes from much waiting in waiting rooms is a moment here and there to write. So I have. Here and there.

Right now I ought to clean my kitchen and fill in blanks on financial pages. But, my parents doing better, I'm playing at blogging, with respites for grateful observations of earthy, living things around me.